Up and coming trends: Travertine Patios

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We install Travertine Patios in Dayton, Mason, and Columbus, Ohio

**If you don’t live in our service area (Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus Ohio), we would be happy to share our travertine supplier with you. They have the highest quality travertine pavers, and we’ve tried it all.**

Over the past year, we’ve seen a spike in the mid to high end project with travertine. Travertine has been popular for many years indoors, but recently it’s been making it’s way into outdoor living spaces as well.

Here are a couple travertine patios we’ve installed recently.

Travertine Patio in Upper Arlington, OH

Travertine Patio in Upper Arlington, OH

Custom Travertine Patio with Fireplace in Columbus, OH

Check out the travertien acccent border!

Outdoor Fireplace with Travertine Patio in Dublin, OH

Outdoor Fireplace with Travertine Patio in Upper Arlington, OH

Is Travertine Affordable?

Travertine is a beautiful natural stone that is quite affordable compared to other types of natural stone. In fact, it is very comparable to a middle range concrete paver.  Although there are a few places in the world where travertine is imported, the best sources are located in Turkey.

The Travertines in Turkey

The Travertines in Turkey

Travertine comes in a few different color options. Here are just a few. We have others, just don’t have pictures yet.

Popular Travertine Colors

Popular Travertine Colors

Benefits of Travertine Pavers:

Freeze-Thaw Resistant

Travertine Pavers and Tile allow moisture to migrate vertically through the stone, making them ideal for exterior installations in all types of climates.

Strength & Durability

More than twice the strength of concrete.

Cool Under Foot

Even in direct sunlight, Travertine Pavers and Tile stay cooler than other types of man-made and stone paver materials.

No Efflorescence

Unlike cementitious products, Travertine Pavers and Tile are not subject to efflorescence.


Since Travertine is a natural stone, it is not subject to color fading inherent in other types of man-made pavers.

If you would like to explore the idea of a travertine patio with us, we’re ready.


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