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Paver Sealing Naples, FL

Perfect Paver Co of Southwest Florida

If you’re in need of natural stone or paver repair, paver cleaning or paver sealing in Naples, Bonita Springs, Ft Myers, Estero and surrounding areas, our sister company The Perfect Paver Co of Southwest Florida is amazing. If you’re unfamiliar with their innovative steam cleaning process, you’ll be blown away with how clean they can get your pavers and natural stone.

Perfect Paver Co of Southwest Florida is more than just your typical paver clean and seal company. They specialize in more of a complete restoration of pavers. This includes making necessary repairs, stripping and removing failed paver sealer, cleaning out the joints between the pavers to remove organic build up (organic buildup in the joints is the leading cause of mold growth on pavers), installing polymeric sand in the joints and sealing pavers and natural stone to enhance and protect.

Travertine Pavers

Travertine pavers have become extremely popular in Florida and they are a great choice for your pool deck. If you have travertine pavers, you’ve probably realized they come with some maintenance to keep them looking great.

Although travertine pavers don’t require sealing to keep them from losing their color or from surface deterioration, it is strongly suggested to seal your travertine pavers if they’re around a salt water pool. The salt in salt water pools can cause deterioration in the travertine over time. This can be very costly to fix.

In addition, sealing travertine makes it more difficult for mold to grow in the pores. The Perfect Paver Co also installs polymeric sand in to the joints of travertine, which will keep your pavers from becoming uneven. Empty joints in travertine pavers allow rain water from heavy rains to erode the sand setting bed beneath the pavers. Polymeric sand in the joints will prevent this from happening.

If you need your pavers sealed or repaired, please contact Perfect Paver Co of Southwest Florida today:

Perfect Paver Co of Southwest Florida

10600 Chevrolet Way
Suite 250-A
Estero, FL 33928
Phone: (239) 533-0035

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* Paver Sealing

* Paver Restoration

* Paver Repair

* Paver Cleaning

* Polymeric Sand

* Travertine Sealing

* Travertine Repair

* Travertine Paver Restoration


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Paver Sealing Naples, FL

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