Paver Maintenance

WE RECOMMEND: PERFECT PAVER CO Paver Sealing in Naples, Bonita Springs and Ft Myers, FL

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If you’re in need of natural stone or paver repair, paver cleaning or paver sealing in Naples, Bonita Springs, Ft Myers, Estero and surrounding areas, our sister company The Perfect Paver Co of Southwest Florida is amazing. If you’re unfamiliar with their innovative steam cleaning process, you’ll be blown away with how clean they can get your pavers and natural stone. Perfect Paver Co of Southwest Florida is more than just your typical paver clean and seal company. They...

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Should I seal my paver patio – How to seal pavers

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As a professional hardscape installer that specializes in paver patio installation, we’re often asked during the design process if we recommend the pavers get sealed. The answer really depends on what the clients expectations are from the sealer. Unlike a deck or stamped concrete, sealing pavers is primarily for added aesthetics and decreased maintenance. Will my paver patio fall apart if it’s not sealed? The answer is kinda. Let me explain. When we seal pavers, we often use a...

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How to keep weeds from growing between pavers

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There’ s nothing more frustrating than having weeds growing between the joints of pavers. Before you know it, the weeds can take over and be almost impossible to remove. I’m going to share with you a step-by-step way to remove the weeds between pavers, but before I do I want to talk about how the weeds got there in the first place.     How do pavers get weeds in the first place In my years, I’ve heard many explanations of where the weeds come from. In most cases,...

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The proper way to install Paver Sealer for interlocking pavers

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Over the past few years, polymeric sand and joint stabilizing paver sealer has become more and more popular. At Two Brothers Brick Paving, we prefer to use a joint stabilizing paver sealer over polymeric sand whenever possible. For the most part, they achieve similar results in the joint – keeping the sand in tact. In this article, I’m not going to discuss the pros and cons of paver sealer vs polymeric sand (I’ve already done so in an earlier article on polymeric sand),...

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