How to easily install a paver patio that doesn’t look like a DIY paver installation

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Thinking about installing a paver patio or paver walkway? Read this before you do. We offer a step-by-step installation guide for paver installation that will help you install a maintenance free paver patio (no weeds), a paver patio that doesn’t sink or settle and we’ll share 3 easy tricks that will make your paver patio not look like an amateur installation. My name is Mark Rhodus, I’m the president of Two Brothers Brick Paving. I’ve been installing pavers for...

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Travertine Pool Deck Installation – South Carolina, Tennessee and North Carolina

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Travertine Paver Pool Deck and Travertine Patio Installer South Carolina, Tennessee and North Carolina During the months of December, January and February, we are offering installation of travertine pool decks in South Carolina and Tennessee. During the warmer months of the year, we install travertine pool decks in Ohio and Kentucky. However, do to the colder temperatures in these months, we travel down south where...

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Should I seal my paver patio – How to seal pavers

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As a professional hardscape installer that specializes in paver patio installation, we’re often asked during the design process if we recommend the pavers get sealed. The answer really depends on what the clients expectations are from the sealer. Unlike a deck or stamped concrete, sealing pavers is primarily for added aesthetics and decreased maintenance. Will my paver patio fall apart if it’s not sealed? The answer is kinda. Let me explain. When we seal pavers, we often use a...

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Permeable Paver Driveways

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Two Brothers Brick Paving specializes in the installation of permeable paver driveways in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. In fact, we’re one of the only installers in Ohio that can mechanically install permeable paver driveways – more on that below. As permeable pavers become more and more popular for commercial and civil purposes, they have also increased in popularity among residential customers looking to make an ecological difference. More and more paver manufacturers are starting...

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Choosing the right paver edging to prevent edge failure

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The Power Of Properly Installed Proper Paver Edge Restraint Probably one of the most important aspects to a long lasting paver patio is the paver edging. Keeping the edges of pavers contained is crucial to maintaining interlock between the pavers. Part of how pavers achieve interlock is by the course sand setting bed being forced into the joints of the pavers, if the pavers aren’t restrained around the perimeter, the pavers will separate over time causing a loss of interlock in the...

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How to keep weeds from growing between pavers

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There’ s nothing more frustrating than having weeds growing between the joints of pavers. Before you know it, the weeds can take over and be almost impossible to remove. I’m going to share with you a step-by-step way to remove the weeds between pavers, but before I do I want to talk about how the weeds got there in the first place.     How do pavers get weeds in the first place In my years, I’ve heard many explanations of where the weeds come from. In most cases,...

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