Butler Paver Patio Project with Patio Roof, Fire Pit and Seating Walls in Milford, OH

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Butler Paver Patio Project with Patio Roof, Fire Pit and Seating Walls in Milford, OH

This is a project we installed for a client in Milford, OH (Cincinnati, Ohio). The client had finally finished upgrading the inside of their house and it was time for them to work on the backyard. They had a swimming pool installed a few years back, but didn’t feel like it integrated well with the rest of their backyard. In other words, it was in the middle of their yard all by it self. After a few meetings to brainstorm ideas, we were able to create a design that made the transition from house to pool seamless all while adding a beautiful paver patio with built in seating, a fire pit and a patio roof addition.

Note: Some of these pictures were taken right after we sealed the pavers which is why the pavers appear white.

Paver Patio and Patio Roof in Milford, OH

Patio Roof

Outdoor Living Room

Pavers around swimming pool

Before Picture

Existing Deck

View more pictures from this project here.

Paver: Unilock Avante Ashlar

Color: Sierra

Outside Paver Border: Unilock Brussels Block

Color: Sierra

Inside Paver Border: Unilock Il Campo

Color: Dark Charcoal

Seating Walls/Fire Pit/Column: Unilock Estate Wall

Color: Sierra

Column Accent: Unilock Il Campo

Color: Dark Charcoal

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