Austin Landing Paver Installation (6,500 Sq Ft) Miamisburg, OH

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Austin Landing Paver Installation (6,500 Sq Ft) Miamisburg, OH




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Mark Rhodus (52 Posts)

I'm Mark, the owner of Two Brothers Brick Paving. Thanks for taking a second to read this article. I strongly feel that if I educate my customers about me, my company and hardscapes, in the end they will be a happier customer. I have three awesome boys named Wes, Greyson and Braxton. My wife Katie and my family are my motivation to be the best I can be and that shows in my work. I've been in this industry most of my life and prior to starting my own company I worked for one of the largest/best installers in the country (it was actually the first contractor to install an interlocking concrete paver). I can bring a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise to your project.